Art Exhibition • April 1st – April 29th, 2017 • Susan Bolles

Art Exhibition • April 1st – April 29th, 2017 • Susan Bolles

ARK is excited to announce JOY IN A BOTTLE, a solo exhibition of works by Susan Bolles. The exhibition runs April 1st – April 29th. Viewing is by appointment. Artist’s reception is Saturday, April 8th, 3PM – 6PM.

Susan presents cleaning supplies in a happy and yummy light. The candy colored and jewel toned images are sure to bring you JOY!


Susan Bolles has the odd habit of accidentally capturing things right before they cease to exist.

Over a three year period, she recorded the roaring consumption of an inflating housing bubble while creating monotypes of cleaning supplies. Each visit to the grocery store revealed an ever expanding palette of colors and scents to compliment Americans appetites for newly renovated kitchens and baths. Instead of hiding under the sink, cleaning supplies were expected to pose on gleaming granite countertops. New and improved brought battery operated power sprayers and ergonomic grips. Color exploded. Strawberry pink, lavendar purple, lemon yellow, apple green, ocean blue, citrus orange, linen cream. There were facets and bubbles, tubes and cylinders. Ribs and pebbles, nobs and waves. The pop when it came was heard loudest of all in that one aisle of the grocery store. The cleaning supply section was reduced to mere necessity. Just enough to get windows clean and dishes washed.

Information on Monotypes

The monotype series, Cleaning Supplies I, was first begun in August of 2006. They are printed on a Mailänder proofing press by master printer Francesco X Siqueiros of El Nopal Press in Los Angeles, California. Each session generated, on average, 2 unique monotypes and 1 ghost from the original oil painting.



Curated by Kira Vollman