Art Exhibition • April 29 – June 10, 2018 • Scott Froschauer

Art Exhibition • April 29 – June 10, 2018 • Scott Froschauer

Works by
Scott Froschauer

April 29 – June 10, 2018

Sunday, April 29, 3-6PM • Opening Reception
Sunday, May 20, 3-5PM • Artist’s Talk
Sunday, June 3, 11AM-5PM • Open Studio Tour
Sunday, June 10, 3-5PM • Closing Reception

Curated by Kira Vollman

About the work:

“I make art that hopes to create more empathy in the world.

Political dialog in America is increasingly polarized. The way we digest information and even the way we talk to each other seems to be pushing us further and further towards the extremes. It’s harder and harder to see people as complex individuals when we only have enough time to digest a headline or a tweet, and based on that small, emotionally loaded morsel, we make a decision to love or hate someone.

Echo Enigma is a process I use to create portraits on distressed mirrors that reflect the viewer as they take in the work. In my latest show, I’ve used this technique to portray historical Americans, complex humans with stories that could skew towards either end of the political spectrum if choice moments in their histories were pulled out for examination. But, when these individuals are seen as more complete humans, it becomes more difficult to confine them to a simplified box. Deciding how to categorize them becomes more of a statement about the viewer, who is reflected in the distressed surface each piece.

At the center of the show is a model for a large scale artwork called The United Divider. This model represents a proposed sculpture of a 15’ tall x 20’ wide sheet of polished stainless steel which is curved and etched into a likeness of an American Flag. The etching on the piece, that creates the iconic Stars and Stripes, is actually created out of lines of text that list off names of historical Americans, all complex humans that we might name as heroes or villains, depending on our perspective. The epic scale of this piece gives it a stance as a wall, separating those who might stand on either side of it. The reflective quality of the piece denotes that this idea of America is a reflection of all who observe it. The symbol of the flag brings us all together and tears us all apart. It is the United Divider.”

-Scott Froschauer