Above & Below

Above & Below

Above & Below brings together Michael A. Rosenfeld, Rusty Hood, and Barbara Miller in a group exhibition. The title of the exhibition is informed by the imagery each of these artists or photographers feature in their body of work they present here. These images were chosen because they were all in black and white, whether they be paintings or photographs. Also because they were all of city views either looking up to, or looking down from high rise buildings, or from up in the air looking down to the city below. The magical paintings of Michael A. Rosenfeld feature dirigibles floating high above cityscapes. Rusty Hoods photographs have a ghostly quality of scenes we might be familiar with. Barbara Miller is a location photographer whose pictures transcend their job designation.

This Exhibition was also featured in the Open Studios Tour • Winter 2015

Curated by Kira Vollman

                                                Dream Number Eleven            Michael A.Rosenfeld


                                                   LA: influx          Rusty Hood


                                                   LA: influx          Barbara Miller